Company Profile

Om Jyoti Pumps is one of the world’s leading suppliers manufacturing of pumps

Om Jyoti Pumps is combines innovative technology and excellent services to provide intelligent solutions. This approach means that Om Jyoti Pumps employees are close to customers on all continents, providing them with pumps and systems for almost all applications involving the transparent of liquids. A Comprehensive range of services rounds off own sales and marketing companies, manufacturing facilities and services operations.

We develop customer oriented solutions. Whether it is heavy industry , small scale industry or a specific project at , OM Jyoti Pumps you will always find pumps & moters which suit your needs best.

Needless to say: all OM Jyoti Pumps Products are meticulously designed and engineered to exciting quality standards ,and then tested to maximum limits and beyond ,to ensure that they meet the all – encompassing goal of energy efficiency.
Energy saved is energy produced has always been our guiding principle at Om Jyoti Pumps

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