OM JYOTI PUMPS siphons are driving sunlight based water siphon makers. A sunlight based water siphon is a welcome option in contrast to the fuel-consuming siphon sets. The whole sun oriented water siphon framework is strong and the mounting design can endure outrageous circumstances. The sun based water siphon is controlled by sun powered modules that assist with drawing surface or groundwater out for water system.

Basics of Solar Water Pumps:

A sun oriented water framework should be introduced in a sans shadow region. A sun oriented water siphon comprises of a sun based PV board, an engine siphon set with a photovoltaic cluster, and lines. The Photovoltaic exhibit controls the whole framework. It changes over sunlight based energy into power and runs the engine siphon set. The sunlight based siphon framework has no capacity battery since the power produced is utilized straightforwardly without even a second's pause. This framework is a mix of impellers and engines. The sunlight based siphoning framework can draw water from an open well, bore well, or streams or trenches.

Advantages of Solar Water pumps

The benefits are numerous as there are no fuel costs included and sun powered siphons have a long working life. Sun based siphons add to the decrease in fossil fuel byproduct and contamination. They are exceptionally dependable and solid. Utilizing sun based siphons, water can be provided to little towns, schools, clinics, and homes.

Benefits of Solar Pumps to the Agriculture sectors

1.With the help of a solar pump system, it is possible to harness water at any time during the day and farmers can plan other activities accordingly. They need not irrigate on the nights when a power supply for agriculture purposes is provided.
2.Drip and sprinkler systems can be connected to the solar water pump system.
3.Solar water pumps are a one-time investment and have zero running costs throughout the year.

Credentials of OM JYOTI PUMPS Solar Pumping System

Supreme features coupled with excellent performance have resulted in OM JYOTI PUMPS Solar Pumps making a distinctive mark in the pump market. Available in the range of 1 HP-20 HP, OM JYOTI PUMPS Solar Pumps offers high operating efficiency with low maintenance as compared to other ordinary pumps. Naturally, this makes our solar pumps the undisputed leader in the pump market.
OM JYOTI PUMPS Solar Pumping Systems is empaneled with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy(MNRE) for On-Grid and Off-Grid Projects. We adhere to a complete range of products from 1HP to 10HP AC & DC Solar pumpset as per MNRE specification. The pump set testing is done through Array Simulator.
CARE- Credit Analysis and Research Ltd has been awarded the highest grade SP-1A for Solar Projects. OM JYOTI PUMPS Pumps has supplied more than 5000 MNRE approved solar pump sets through system integrators for their various projects across India.