What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Water reaping is a kind of gather wherein the downpour drops are gathered and put away for the future use, instead of permitting it to run off. Water can be gathered from streams or rooftops, and in many spots, the water gathered is diverted to a profound pit (all things considered, shaft, or borehole), spring, a supply with permeation, or gathered from dew or haze with nets or different devices. Its purposes incorporate water for gardens, animals, water system, homegrown use with appropriate treatment, indoor warming for houses, and so on. The reaped water can likewise be utilized as drinking water, longer-term capacity, and for different purposes, for example, groundwater re-energize. Source of water has been ground water across the country. Per capita availability of water is reducing day by day on account of rapid urbanization, industrialization and population growth. We must control wastage of water and conserve in every possible way.

Pre-Fabricated Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We at OM JYOTI PUMPS have huge joy in presenting Precast Secluded Step Well Water Collecting Framework from 'Furaat', a plan drove organization in water protection. We help people and foundations in monitoring water. We likewise work with Corporates to attempt water protection drives under CSR. Our answers are in type of Pre Cast measured frameworks that can adjust to different site conditions and are profoundly dependable and productive. Furaat's patent sent framework channels downpour water that can be utilized later for different water necessities. Downpour Water Collecting is straightforward, savvy and can determine our water emergency to extraordinary degree whenever executed and kept up with appropriately. It tends to be effortlessly retrofitted on existing structures.

Advantages of the System

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